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Worship Ministry @ Parkview!

Learning to lead a Worship Ministry in our world today is much more than just learning how to read music, play an instrument and know church history…it involves working with volunteers, creating and implementing a worship service that will engage people’s hearts, and having a working knowledge of today’s technology.   

We at Parkview Christian Church understand that our young adults of today are the leaders of the church of Jesus tomorrow.  So we want to prepare you on how to do that.    

Denise Harlow, the Worship Director at Parkview Christian Church, has been on staff for almost 19 years growing with the church as it expanded from approximately 300 attendees to over 6,000 people with multiple campuses.

She and the Worship Staff at Parkview will work with you one-on-one in training you for future ministry, no matter what the size of church you will serve in.

Please review the internship documents on this page and pray about joining us here at Parkview!!

Questions? Contact Natalie Dukic at 708-478-7477, Ext. 258