<p>This Weekend!<br />
Jan. 12 - Feb. 10</p>
This Weekend!
Jan. 12 - Feb. 10

Explore God


We are really excited about our EXPLORE GOD series where we’re taking a look at some of the hard topics that challenge believers and non-believers alike.

Asking questions is okay and even encouraged, so if you’ve ever wondered about God’s existence, your purpose in life, the Bible’s reliability, or other hard questions, this series is for you!

We hope you’ll grab some friends and come explore God with us!

JANUARY 12-13 | Tim Harlow
Does Life Have a Purpose?

JANUARY 19-20 | Todd Clark
Is There a God?

JANUARY 26-27 | Tim Harlow
Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

FEBRUARY 2-3 | Tim Harlow
Is Christianity Too Narrow?

FEBRUARY 9-10 | Todd Clark
Is Jesus Really God?

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